About Alison

About Alison

I am Alison and I have GAPS.

We all do! In fact, I have one more visible than most if you check my smile out! 

This gap was something I was teased about, that I felt embarrassed about and even thought about closing with some expensive dental work. But when I thought about why I wanted to close the gap in my teeth, I knew it wasn’t because I really wanted perfect teeth. It was because people made me think that I needed “perfect” teeth. What bullshit is that anyway? 

We have way too much of this noise in the world…media, images, organisations, people and even our own self talk which keeps telling us we are not living up to certain benchmarks. As a successful Organisational Psychologist and coach, I saw this in others and in my work every day. Well, I am tired of this! Doesn’t it make you tired as well?

I have learned to appreciate my gap…

let me back up

& tell you how i got here

let me back up

& tell you how i got here

Meet Alison 1.0

I started my career out of a need to not be caught in the dilemma of having an academic qualification but no work experience and so after 1 year of full-time study at the University of Cape Town, I transferred to the University of South Africa  to study through correspondence and got my first job with a large financial services institution.

This started my journey of navigating the corporate life of building competence, credibility and relevance while managing the unavoidable politics, egos and at times having to sacrifice your own needs for that of the “system”.

For 15 years I moved between operations, sales, credit, learning and development, human resources and organisational development consulting. Parallel to this I studied and got my undergraduate degree, my honours and finally my masters degree in Industrial & Organisational Psychology

So, I had an amazing foundation to my career and personal growth which I am really grateful for, but I needed to spread my wings and move on.

I had realised that although working in corporate had many benefits and opportunities, it was also a place of answering to the Boss, following policy, being performance managed within a bell curve and having way too much noise that drowned out the possibilities within me. Alison had been filtered and in many ways diluted to fit into the requirements of the job.

Then there was Anton, a man I met and married in this time and I gained 2 step son’s and then we had 2 children of our own, Ashleigh and Damien. These children added dimensions to my life that helped grow and shape me in so many ways.

My family was part of me needing to move on to the next chapter in my life…

So, I stepped into the world of Alison 2.0

So, I stepped into the world of Alison 2.0

I explored the space of being an Independent Consultant and started working with various consultancies, business schools and developed a portfolio of my own clients. For 12 years I have juggled various roles from Organisational Psychologist, Consultant, Programme Director, Facilitator to Executive Coach. My focus was to offer a systemic approach to the unique and complex challenges facing organisations and leadership in times of change. I was able to work across Africa and globally with many individuals, teams and organisations. I learned about the importance of contracting, understand the deeper issues people are grappling with, building strong networks based on quality relationships, navigating the cycles of famine and feast as a consultant and juggling the challenges of travelling with my family at home. 

The intention of working for myself was to spend more time with my children, with all their activities, and be around for my family on my terms as well as learn about my work in a different way.

But my travelling schedule was getting way to gruelling and the ability to really impact was becoming more difficult as my energy and commitment to this space was dwindling.

I was losing my faith in the system and the noise was waking me up to the possibility of something more!

So hello Alison 3.0!

I know I can make a bigger contribution so at 47 I am shifting my focus.

Unlocking each individual’s Quiddity and dialling down the noise of unrealistic expectations is at the core of what I am wanting to do with my clients. 

Woman, wife, mother, sister, friend, professional, entrepreneur… blah blah. More noise, right? I just want to be able to show up every day and be the best version of myself possible. 

Keep myself healthy and happy!

Build and maintain amazing relationships!

Have clients who are feeling incredible value in our partnering!

And mostly I am going to also make mistakes, drop some balls, become very impatient (my husband and kids can attest to that), feel overwhelmed and often feel not good enough… That’s real life. 

But hey, I am up for it, so let’s bring it on.