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In this series, you will get a practical toolkit for combating change, chaos, complexity and the other “C” we are dealing with. Tools to go from SURVIVING to THRIVING.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, racing thoughts about how to cope with the chaos, staying safe, the kids, getting food to your house! Let alone getting dinner on the table … Then it’s time to stop all the noise and take back your power.

The ‘C’ Kit is your toolkit to show you how to stop, pause, and change your feelings of uncertainty. Trust me, you DO have this power.

This is Not to be missed if:

🌪 You feel gripped by the chaos and complexity of the changes in the world at the moment… and are looking at your cellphone thinking “What the AF is going on?”

🌪 You are overwhelmed by anxiety, are awake most of the night and are trying so hard to keep your shit together.

🌪 You do NOT feel seen, heard or appreciated by those around you when you are trying so hard to hold everyone, so they are ok. Who is looking after you?

🌪 You try every day to be the best version of yourself and every night think…who the hell was I today?

🌪 You want to be living life from a place of intentional thought and action but instead are just reacting (or over-reacting)

🌪 You are tired of feeling like you are living your life on a daily repeat of same same and want to just pull the duvet over your head when your eyes open in the morning.

It is time to get the “C” Kit and the tools you need!

Tools to lead your career, your family and your life in a way that creates clarity, containment, control and celebration… All in a conscious and intentional way.

Hi, I’m Alison

I am an Organisational Psychologist and Coach and have had over 29 years’ experience of navigating this space of change, leadership and shifting mindsets.

I have worked in corporate for 15 years and been an Independent Consultant for 14 years while studying, raising a family, cooking meals, exercising (or trying…) and trying to just do the best I can every day.

I get it! It is hard but it can be better, and I want you give you the tools to do better.

My goal for you is that you wake up in the morning and are able to push back to make more space for yourself! You are able to be the Rockstar of your life and look back at the end of each day saying… “I did good today”.

Alison, I am in!

The "C" Kit

The "C" Kit

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The "C" Kit

The "C" Kit

Sign up for a FREE 5-Day series on getting back your power and crushing your fear!

You have successfully signed up for The "C" Kit! Check out your inbox for further details.