Hey! It’s ok to reach out for help to shake off the noise in your head.

Send out the SOS signal!

It is time to push back and make more space for you! You can move from surviving to  Thriving!


waking up and actually wanting to grab the day by the horns because you feel focused, you’re energized, your to-do list does not determine your mood and you feel like the CEO of your life. 

Do you have challenges still? Of course you do but you manage these like a boss!

Your family and friends are stopping you to say…” What happened to you!?”

It’s time to get unstuck and take back your power.

The world is currently in a state of emergency!

You are feeling gripped by the chaos and complexity of the changes in the world at the moment…and are looking at your cellphone thinking “What the &#^* is going on?” What is fake news and what should I pay attention to?

You are overwhelmed by anxiety and feel tired of the intensity of life.

It is time to get unstuck and take your power back.
You feel stuck! Lacking direction and purpose…are you just frustrated because you don’t know what to do to shift things?

Thrive SOS

An emergency mentoring programme which will support you in taking back your power and becoming the CEO of your life!

Understand the impact of change on you and those around you. Change doesn’t have to play with you… You can be in charge! Change is not going to stop, so its time to get to grips with it and how to not be destabilized by it.

Create clarity for yourself and those around you, so you know what you expect from life and one another. Hell yes, you get to express what it is that you want! The contracting of clarity will bring boundaries into your life. AND, with boundaries comes great accountability in your relationships.

Feel safe by reducing your anxiety and stepping confidently into your day knowing you have things under control. You are actually in the driver seat, and you know where you are going!

Stop being a victim of life just reacting and being battered by the pace but rather create a future consciously and intentionally that smashes all your dreams and goals.

Be able to see your life as a celebration and be able to tap into that gratitude thing. Seriously, it can shift everything!

It is time to be the CEO of your life. Lead yourself, your family and your career by building the relationships that really matter.

How is this different to just another programme…?

  • This is a partnership. We will be moving through the process together and sharing experiences. You are an adult, you have the power and you have the wisdom…you may have just lost the confidence that you can  Thrive and not just survive your life. You can borrow my belief in you until you believe in yourself! 
  • Live training Masterclass every week, rather than pre-recorded content.
  • 5 weeks of deep knowledge sharing, moving between Masterclass mentoring, and making it happen. 
  • Access to downloadable worksheets that will enable your thinking and push you towards action. 
  • Recorded Zoom sessions that you can revisit in your own time and pace.
  • A safe space contained and facilitated by an expert organizational psychologist and coach… Yes the would be me!  

  • WE will have a pop-up Facebook group to support you on your journey with live Q & A’s in the group.

I will also add an additional  bonus! Your own Daily Activation Life Organizer designed by myself to guide the start to your day.

The 5 weeks broken down for you… If you thought this was going to be easy and you were not going to have to put in some effort… Think again!

Week 1: Get clear on what THRIVING looks like for you.

If you don’t know where you are headed and don’t have the faintest idea of what living your best life looks like, you are always going to be living your life on autopilot right? And admit it, you know you are made for more! I know it is overwhelming and you are not sure where to start. Trust me I get it…. I have been there. 

That’s why we’re kicking off with: 

  • Pressing the pause button to stop and listen to what you know is your BIG HAIRY THRIVING GOAL of your future 
  • Uncovering your unique quiddity code – fancy words for the parts of you that make you awesome. 
  • Setting the intention of your success. You need to name what you are wanting to claim. 

The MASTERCLASS for this week will be: Confronting your Quiddity Curve – surviving is not the answer! 

Week 2: What the hell is holding you back??

You have been telling yourself stories about who you are and what you are capable of for years now! Some of these are getting in your way and limiting your ability to shift gears. Hello…nothing changes, if nothing changes. We have got to smash those blockages. 

So, it is time to: 

  • Notice and name the noise that is holding your back. What are those stories that are no longer serving you and those around you? 
  • Do a life audit of labels that have reached their expiring date 
  • Identify and explore the activation needed to drive your daily accountability to THRIVING. 

The MASTERCLASS for this week will explore: Moving from surviving to thriving intentionally and consciously. 

Week 3: Understanding the Thriving mindset

This stuff is not going to change if you are not willing to spend time with yourself and rewire the BS noise in your head. You know this but keep pretending there is a magic switch somewhere that you just need to find. Look in the mirror!! You are looking at the magic switch. 

Get ready to: 

  • Set yourself up for success with contracting and clarity of expectations 
  • Create the capacity to let go of the doing and concentrate on the being. 
  • Learn the technique of a mental rehearsal 

The MASTERCLASS for this week dives into: The power of coherence. 

Week 4: Making things happen takes action

You know what needs to change. YES. You know what your THRIVING life looks like. YES. You know what you need to do to get there. YES. 

Then you got to do the work by: 

  • Prototyping the possibilities of your THRIVING self 
  • Crafting a space exploration of your future self through action and feedback 
  • Troubleshooting the obstacles to your success 

The MASTERCLASS for this week confronts the idea that: Leadership is NOT sexy! 

Week 5: Your THRIVE POA (plan of action)

Don’t think you are going to get away without a plan! You know you are in this journey for the long term and you need a plan to keep you on track…because we all know how sometimes we lose that focus. This is how you stay the course and do not default to a groundhog day of surviving. 

This last one is about: 

  • Learning to embrace a growth mindset for navigating change and chaos 
  • Integrating your THRIVE toolkit into your daily activities. 
  • Creating your strategy to THRIVE  

You final MASTERCLASS is on: Master the power ratio of C5:1 

5 weeks:  Zoom Masterclasses, workbooks, a Facebook Group and group coaching sessions 

A process of enabling you to map your goals, identify the bloody blocks getting in your way and focus on the habits you need to activate to change your life from surviving to  Thriving

A group of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey you are. 

What others are saying

“Alison was exactly the coach I needed to help us explore what was next for me. Despite 6 successful years in business I wasn’t feeling satisfied. I wanted something else, but I didn’t know what that was. Alison created a wonderful safe space for me to talk through everything, and she challenged me to sit with the problem much longer that a usually would have. The result was a complete change in direction of my life and my career. I now live in another country and have a completely different job. I would highly recommend her coaching if you are looking to dig deep below the surface and understand what you really care about.”

Karen Greaves

Agile Coach

Alison is a masterful facilitator and coach and demonstrates the highest level of expertise that I’ve had the privilege of experiencing, as a participant in one of her workshops, as a co-facilitator, as a client and as a thinking partner.  Alison is an incredibly skilled programme and workshop designer and draws on a wealth of expertise and experience that she has gained over many years.  Her depth of knowledge and breadth of skill she demonstrates in the design and delivery process is extraordinary. Alison has the expertise to dance fluidly in the moment, tap into the needs of her group or client and adapt the process to meet her clients objectives and achieve the best possible outcome. I value her integrity and professionalism. Alison’s passion for life, her family, her work, her craft and her clients is such an inspiration to all who know her.  She lives life with totality and is a role-model of vulnerability, courage and determination.

Melanie Kiley

Director, CreateConsulting Leadership Pty Ltd

“My three year journey with Alison where I had the privilege to observe and learn as she provided group coaching to managers that functioned in a highly stressful and politically charged working environment offered valuable lessons for me.

The first highlight was how she managed to apply different ways to interact with a diverse range of people (ranging from those who were indifferent to those who were keen) while simultaneously making a connection with them at an individual level. I learned that patience and a positive perspective during those interactions allows people to open up when they would ordinarily not do so.”

Nonhlanhla Nxumalo

Thrive SOS is an investment in your well-being, in your future self but mostly you are just saying YES to you for a change.

✔ 1 live Zoom session every week.

✔ A process of enabling you to map your goals, identify the bloody blocks getting in your way and focus on the habits you need to activate to change your life from surviving to  Thriving.

✔ A group of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey you are.

Thrive SOS

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VIP Track

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Corporate Group

Customised package available for corporate teams wanting to do the programme together.

VIP Track

Includes  weekly private coaching calls  with Alison  PLUS Voxer access  for direct messages with Alison to support you as you go through the programme! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the programme last?

This program is run over 5 weeks.

What is your refund policy?

I only want people to join who are 100% committed and are ALL IN. Please understand that there is work involved to do this but that it will pay off in the end! So there is no refund policy as I am sure you will be convinced of the value you receive is worth your investment. 

What is Zoom?
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Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up.

Who else will be on the programme?
A group of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey you are.

Don't Be Shy

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.